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What do you mean it’s not a song about queer-curiosity?


imguiltyofthis said: hey would you mind promoting my blog, bosotndykes, for massachusetts-based queers? :)

This has been sitting in the inbox for a while because I could never bring myself to responding to this properly. In any case, Boston queer community, here’s bostondykes! :) 


I am sorry for the extended absence. I am new to college, thus adjustments are necessary. Whatever the case, I will be putting up new content next week. I just need to take care of some family matters first. :) 

Gay Marriage Rallies Outside Supreme Court Display Sharp Differences On LGBT Rights

On one side of the street, a sea of rainbow flags and signs demanding the freedom to marry. On the other, hundreds of signs declaring, “Kids do best with a mom and a dad,” and “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.” On one side, deeply personal conversations about decades-long relationships and civil rights, on the other, warnings of an apocalypse and cries for religious freedom (Shapiro). 

Call for participants

Hello there!  I am a doctoral candidate in the process of recruiting people for my dissertation study. Could you help out my posting this on your FB/Tumblr/Twitter and/or any other social media outlets you may be a part of that involves this population. Thank you in advance. I greatly appreciate it.

Are you a bisexual female?
Are you member of an ethnic minority group?
Are you at least 18 years of age?
If you answered yes to all of these questions, you are invited to participate in a study concerning your life experiences. 

*Participation will take approximately 90 minutes
*All participants will be entered into a raffle for a $100 gift card
*If interested, please email


Anonymous said: Can you please explain the term genderqueer? Thank you.

In a nutshell someone who identifies as genderqueer is someone for whom the boxes don’t work. Genderqueer refers to those who do not have a clear-cut answer as to whether they are masculine, or whether they are feminine. It’s an umbrella term for anything between and beyond the binary. 

Hope that helps. :) 


Anonymous said: how do i know if I'm bisexual or not? recently i've been getting to know this girl (in just a friend way-im a girl-she's a lesbian) and i think i might like her but i still like guys too... i don't really think of either girls or guys sexually, either, because to me, sex is for marriage so i don't think about it much. but am i bisexual or bicurious? please help!

(You seem to be implying a disparity between being a girl and being a lesbian, but I don’t think you intended that.) 

You seem to be bicurious, so you’re already open to the possibilities. It’s up to you to adopt the label if ever the time comes that you finally know. It does seem to be that you have a problem with the -sexual part of the label than you do with the bi- part. 

There’s another aspect to attraction that asexual individuals like talking about that still applies to everyone; it’s called romantic attraction. You may not be sexually attracted to those of the same sex, but it seems likely that you can be romantically attracted to your lesbian friend, if not to those of the same sex, in general. 

Personally, I’m not sure how I can help you, because it’s a process of discovery unique to each person. I could be a reference and a supporter, but it’s really up to you to go through the process. 

In any case, please don’t hesitate to come back. Take care! :) 


A Bit Gay


Ever since I was old enough to experience attraction, I was drawn to guys- that was an unequivocal fact. But then every so often I would feel a twinge of longing for an girlfriend, or find myself obsessing about how beautiful some random girl was. It freaked me out so much I couldn’t even admit it to myself. The problem was compounded further because the guys I preferred were utterly unfeminine, and the girls I admired weren’t masculine presenting in the least. I thought something was really fucked up in my head, and I tried to ignore it. (Plus I grew up Mormon, so there was a huge incentive to only embrace my hetero inclinations)

So after years of lying to myself, I had this close friend in high school, the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen in real life. She was Chinese, with cascades of this unimaginably wavy black hair and an elegant body-like a classical statue. Over lunch we were constantly exchanging faux lesbian banter and innuendo, and she and I would go clubbing together on the weekends. And even when we would flirt with guys and brag about our conquests, I slowly began to admit that I was just doing it to be with her, to bask in her presence and subconsciously pretend that we were a couple or whatever. And one evening when were getting ready for a party, she came out in this blue shiny corset and I almost stopped breathing because I had never in my life seen anything so perfect.

After that night, I remember lying in bed and thinking that maybe I was a little bit gay, after all.

Follow this blog and share your own experiences as well! It’s nice to have sharing spaces around here. :)